Worthington Compressor Reconstruction VI


At this point, there was one last bit of excavation and concrete work that needed to be finished - the space for the steam exhaust line from the low pressure cylinder.  Shown here is the beginning of this space, which will also include a catch basin for condensate water.  Once completed, the exhaust steam line will come from the low pressure cylinder seen at the right, then below floor level, and finally up and out the wall of the building to the left.
Here members Brian and Norm are preparing another batch of concrete for the exhaust line pit.
In Mid-May 2010 another milestone was finally reached - the painting of the flywheel.  With this accomplished, all major parts of the engine were finally painted and the look of primer eliminated except for a few small areas. 
Shown here is the engine after the flywheel painting was accomplished and the tarps removed - we're finally getting close!
Shown here is the finished condensate pit and exhaust line passage after the last forms removed.  With this step completed, the next big task would begin - fabricating the exhaust steam line.
As work on concrete and other large tasks continued, so did work on the many small items on the engine.  An example is the cylinder indicator manifolds, like this one on the high pressure cylinder.  All of the wooden knobs on the valves had to be created new.  Thanks to a helpful hint we used wooden toy wheels which can be found at hobby / craft stores.  With a little modification to fit the valve stems, they turned out excellent.
At this point we were finally ready to install another of the finishing touches for the base - the removable steel grate flooring over the open spaces.  Shown here is the 2" x 2" angle steel supports for the grating.  The steel was drilled and anchored by epoxy anchors in the concrete.  Using epoxy anchors avoided the problem of stressing the concrete like traditional anchors can.
And finally, the finished steel grating after it was installed.


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