Worthington Compressor Reconstruction VII


The exhaust line was fabricated in 3 pieces, and custom made from sheet steel.  Shown here are the two pieces that run from the low pressure cylinder under floor level to the wall of the building.
In this picture you can see the third piece of the exhaust pipe, after it was already installed on the wall of the building.
This is the outside of the building, where the exhaust pipe exits.  The cover on the end is hinged so that it can be opened and closed from the ground. 
One of the final tasks completed for the 2010 year was also installing the condensate handling system, which is shown here.  Condensation will be collected from around the engine, like the crossover pipe, incoming steam separator, and from the exhaust line.  An automatic pump will handle pumping the water outside the building.  Great was taken to ensure the whole system will drain properly for winter conditions.
The water lines for the air compressor intercooler were also cleaned up and reinstalled.  Even though we won't actually be pumping air and need to run water to the compressor portion of the engine, the more complete and finished look details like this give is still worth the effort.


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