We have gathered a diverse collection of steam powered pumps.  Steam pumps were used for many purposes in boiler rooms and steam powerhouses.  The most obvious use was for pumping the water for the boilers.  However, smaller pumps such as these could be used for other uses including pumping wells, cooling water for machinery and engine condensers, small air compressors such as were used on locomotives, and as condensate or vacuum pumps. 

The pumps we have collected have come from two places.  These would be the power house where the Worthington Compressor came from, and from the power house at the Hastings Regional Center where the Allis-Chalmers generator was.  This is a unique collection because it represents several different manufacturers including Marsh, Union, Wagner, and Blake. 

Shown here is one of two large pumps that came from the same power house as the Worthington Corliss compressor.  This particular pump is a Blake Knowles positive displacement pump.
Here are several other pumps in our collection, all of which came from the same power house as the Allis Chalmers Corliss.  Nearest in the picture is an American Marsh Vacuum pump.  Behind the American Marsh is a Wagener duplex pump which was used for pumping boiler feedwater - this pump was still in regular use right up to the time we got it.  Almost totally hidden in the back is a Union single cylinder pump.