General Description:

Although not an antique, this boiler will be a valuable part of the stationary steam exhibit.  This particular boiler was manufactured in 1968.  It is a fully self contained system of boiler, feedwater system, and burner controls.  This type of arrangement is referred to as a "packaged" boiler since it is sold with everything needed to operate it, and operates in a fully automatic manner.  The boiler is of the Scotch Marine type, referring to its cylindrical shape and the tubes passing through the water space.  Pictured below is a cutaway diagram showing the boiler construction of this boiler.  This diagram is from Cleaver-Brooks sales literature supplied to us by the local dealer of these boilers.

This particular boiler utilizes a four pass design.  This means that the combustion gasses pass through the water space via the tubes 4 times before being vented from the stack at the front of the boiler.  The boiler is capable of burning either natural gas or different varieties of oil as fuel.  A motor and blower assembly provide a forced draft for combustion of the fuel.  This boiler will eventually be installed in a separate building next to the building housing the steam exhibit.  Another interesting note is that the electricity to power this boiler will be supplied by the Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set which is detailed in its own section of this site.  The engine will be an integral part of the exhibit because 3 phase electricity is not available at the organization's grounds.  

Below are the specifications for the particular Boiler that will be part of our exhibit:

Model CB-600
Rating 600 HP - 20,700 Lbs. Steam Per Hour
Fuels Natural Gas or Oil
Power Requirement 220 V 3 Phase
Dimensions 23' 2" Length, 12' 9" Width, 10' 8" Height
Weight Dry: 46,300 Lbs, Wet: 66,800 Lbs.
Operating Pressure 150 PSI

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