In the early spring of 2000 the Cleaver-Brooks boiler was removed and transported to the organization's grounds.  Shown here is a series of photographs outlining this project.

The weekend prior to the activities pictured here was spent in disconnecting all of the steam, water, fuel, and electrical connections to the boiler and its accessories such as the feedwater system.  Shown here is the removal of the boiler stack just a few days before the boiler would be removed.
The activities began on this Saturday in the spring of 2000 as shown here.  Camp Creek Members donated their efforts to remove the wall of the boiler room, and also making final preparations on the boiler itself for removal.  This included cutting welded piping connections and other attachments so the boiler was free to be skidded from the boiler room.
Here the boiler is shown making its first move out of the boiler room and onto club member Dennis Johnson's lowboy trailer.  The boiler is being pulled by the winch on the trailer.  We had to overcome another obstacle by using what we had available as well.  The boiler would not skid on the concrete alone so much of the boiler feedwater pipe was cut into sections and placed under its skids.  This allowed the boiler to roll much more easily from its resting place.  
Here the boiler begins is travel up the back end of the trailer.  The deck of the trailer was greased and steel plates placed under the skids on the bottom of the boiler to help it make this initial rise.
The boiler is almost on the trailer at this point.  It was also about this time that we had a large wrecking truck come out to help winch the boiler onto the trailer.  Using the winches from both trucks the boiler made a surprisingly smooth transition to setting level on the trailer.  We had to be very careful here that the boiler didn't tip too early of the back end could have hit the top of the opening in the wall as seen here.
Finally after a long day of hard work Camp Creek members posed with the boiler after it was successfully loaded on the trailer and ready for transport back to the organization's grounds.

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