The remaining photos here are the continuation and conclusion of the Allis-Chalmers Corliss Generator disassembly.

Shown here is how every piece of both of these large engines had to pass through a 10' square door to be removed from the powerhouse.  This was an interesting maneuver as the forklift inside would hand off the various pieces to the forklift outside.  From here the pieces were taken to the flatbed trailers waiting to haul the pieces back to the Camp Creek grounds.
To help lend a little perspective to the size of this machine, the author is shown here next to one half of the 15' flywheel resting outside the powerhouse.  This piece alone weighs nearly 7 tons.
Shown here are the first two flatbed trailers of the Allis pieces as they arrived on the organization's grounds.  This was the result of a nearly 12 hour day.  The only pieces of the engine left in the powerhouse at this point were the steam cylinder and the main frame. 
Several weekends later came the final day when the last pieces of both engines in the Regional Center powerhouse would be removed.  Here the steam cylinder for the Camp Creek engine is on the forklift on its way to the truck.  Note the men on the back of the forklift - the forklift barely had enough muscle to lift this large cylinder!
The main frame was perhaps the easiest of all of the large pieces to remove.  It was lifted up and skidded off of the engine foundation, and then placed on rollers to take it out of the engine room door.
Finally, the last pieces of the Allis-Chalmers engine arrived at the Camp Creek grounds in the early summer of 2000.  The engine remains in storage at our grounds at this time until the restoration of the Worthington Steam Air Compressor and Cleaver Brooks boiler have been completed.

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